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The #HotelExpo2018 Video

6th Annual Uganda International Hotels & Restaurants Expo

We are all very excited about the 2018 Expo @ Hotel Africana 6 - 8 September. Its is an Annual event, a 3 days premier show Organised by the Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA) , UTB, MTN Uganda and the Kampala City Council Authority K C C A that uniquely showcases & brings together Uganda's Cultural diversity , the hospitality industry, Vast Businesses, Suppliers, purchasers from all walks of Life and tourism investment opportunities available. The Biggest business Exhibition that brings together all Tourism Stakeholders, Hoteliers, different Businesses and Service Providers along the Hospitality and Tourism value Chain locally and Internationally. Promoting and providing that marketing platform for Businesses/ Service Providers who coexist with Hoteliers, Tour Operators and above all the General Public.

The 6th Annual Uganda Hotels & Restaurants Expo Exhibition is highly relevant to all companies actively involved in all areas relating to showcasing solutions for the benefit of East Africa.
By participating as an exhibitor you have an opportunity to promote your company to business counterparts, international investors, buyers and governments in East AFRICA. This showcase will provide a platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to provide the much needed solutions and services that will enable the East Africa to embrace the challenges arising from current and future Hospitality and Tourism demands.

Attendees come to see the latest trends, source services/ products, meet icons of industry, & network. Exhibitors come to share their latest products and services. #HotelsExpo2018 is your one-stop shop for inspiration, building relationships and strengthening existing ones, as well as placing you abreast of all you require to succeed.

WHY ATTEND #HOTELSEXPO2018  This Expo is bringing together relevant businesses & Organisations, role players in their respective fields. Opening doors & opportunities to all attending ....kindly Read MORE!.

The 2018 JOB SEEKERS PROGRAM  Have you dreamt of working with International Hotels, Restaurants, Companies, Businesses or with any Tour Companies? ....... Kindly Click here to See how

The 2018 INTERNSHIP PROGRAM  We are providing an INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY for all those who wish to have it. You'll be able to meet potential future employers & gain advice about how to climb that career Ladder, not just from managers but also from young & successful individuals, currently working in the industry. See How.

  Food Coupons @ 25,000/=    That Comes with FREE Entrance, LOTS Of FOOD, Free Beer, /Free Hot Coffee, /Free Soda. Come Have FUN, EAT, DRINK, See Live Performances from different Artists, 2 DJs on the same STAGE.   Please NOTE: At the GATE, Food Coupons shall be Sold at 30K, Entrance is Absolutely FREE. FOOD COUPONS shall be sent to you Immediately on your Phone.

Showcasing Lions, Snakes. Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Tour & Travel Operators, Businesses and Service Providers, Foods & Drinks from different cultures and nations, Manufacturers & Distributors, Hospitality Interiors & Supplies, ETC, Etc including Internship & Job Placement Opportunities.

The 2018 BUSINESS BREAKFAST MEETING - No Middle Men. Speak directly to Decision Makers
This meeting shall take place a day before the Expo that's on Wed, 5th Sept at Hotel Africana 9am to 1PM.
It's strictly for the WOULD BE 2018 EXHIBITORS Only and it's FREE FOR THEM. Hotel marketing / Sales Managers, Company, Business / Hotel Owners ( all EXHIBITORS ) shall attend the 5th Sept the BUZ Meeting.
It's a one on one business discussion meeting that focuses on how to grow our local business investments together with the Hospitality Industry. It's ONLY for those who would have booked space to showcase their products and services during the 3 days Expo, from Thurs 6th to Sat 8th September, 2018 ..... Kindly Read More

Reserve your Exhibition Space Now! - We accept Installments

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ONLINE REGISTRATION - Book your SPACE! download Registration FORMS INSTEAD!

Exhibit at the 2018 Expo; Thurs 6th - Sat 8th Sept - Hotel Africana, Kampala. On Wed 5th Sept, we have a Business Breakfast Meeting @ 9am. A Trade Only Expo. During the Breakfast meeting, you are given an opportunity to talk directly Hotel Owners/ Managers without any middle men involved. Making those offers like never before! And also, Hotel Owners, do speak business with Business owners, or Service providers. GET INVOLVED IN 2018.

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RICHARD WAMBEDE - Expo Manager - Uganda Hotels & Restaurants Expo
Tel: +256 782 386 152    Email: OR

JEAN BYAMUGISHA - Executive Director - Uganda Hotel Owners Association
Office Tel: +256 414 345 601    Email:

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What to expect at the 6th Annual Uganda International Hotels & Restaurants Expo

Come Win Lots of Prizes, See, Taste, Eat, Buy, Have Fun, Shop, Learn, Network & meet Industry Players

- INTERACT with over 100 suppliers
- NETWORK with industry peers
- BE INSPIRED by top tour operators, hotel & restaurant owners, business owners
- LEARN about industry trends, technologies & strategies to grow your business
- UPDATE yourself on the latest trends & innovations with live demos

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