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Do you Want a Place to do your Internship from? Internship from September 2018 and in 2019 any month? Have you Dreamt of Working while Studying? Kindly bring your FACULTY Letter of Introduction, 02 Passport Size photos, a Copy of your National I.D & a Copy of your University I.D on 6th September before 1pm in the Uganda Hotel Owners Association Tent

The Uganda Hotel Owners Association UHOA, MTN Uganda and the Kampala City Council Authority KCCA do officially invite all Job Seekers (Looking for Jobs), Interns, (Looking for places to do their Internship), students to the 6th Annual Uganda International Hotels & Restaurants Expo, commencing from 6th - 8th September, 2018 at Hotel Africana - Kampala. Its a FREE Entry event to the general Public that shall enable them to come and see what kind of Companies, Organizations, Hotels and Restaurants that are in Uganda (Future Employers), the latest trends, products and services, meet industry employers, and locally Network with the industry players.

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BEFORE thinking of getting any food COUPONS! FIRST, you MUST Get your FREE Entry Tickets, Click Here! After Securing your FREE ENTRY TICKETS, We'll send you your FOOD COUPONS within 24 Hrs.

Here is why you should NOT miss!

When you attend the 6th Annual Uganda International Hotels & Restaurants Expo, We will match you with opportunities from small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and start-ups (the organizations that didn't come to Showcase). Whether you are looking for a new Job - Green pastures or you need a place to do your internship , all you need to do is to bring your relevant documents to the Expo on 6th September before 1pm at the UHOA Tent. To register, be there in person and follow the instructions provided. Entrance is FREE!

We are very excited to be able to provide such an event to young people, who want a head start in the industry. Most of the top hotels and industry leaders have thrown their weight behind this event and only by working together have we been able to achieve such a great result.

Attendees will be able to meet potential future employers and gain advice about how to climb the their career ladder, not just from managers but also from young and successful individuals, currently working in the industry. Major hospitality and tourism names put their normally competitive streaks aside, to join together and shine a light on the many and diverse professional careers available in the hospitality and tourism industry.

During the 6th Annual Uganda international Hotels & Restaurants Expo 2018, ambitious and talented young People shall get inspired to attend and take the first step in pursuing a rewarding professional career in the hospitality Industry, General Service Industry, In an Organisation and or in the tourism industry.

- WHY you should NOT miss!

1. The 6th Annual Uganda international Hotels & Restaurants Expo 2018 is an opportunity for you to go behind the scenes of this growing industry and kickstart your new career with great rewards, Internationally renowned Practices from 5 star Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes , General Service Industry, In an Organisation and or in the tourism industry in Uganda.
At the 2018 Expo, major Hotel and Restaurant brand names will exhibit, and be on hand to discuss available career paths and opportunities including internships, work experience programs, site visits and more.

2. The #hotelsexpo2018 Objective is to provide that Platform, one stop point where you can BRING all your relevant documents and make that dream come true.

3. The #hotelsexpo2018 Objective is to provide that Platform, where Students come meet their potential employers ( Thru Internship/ on Job Trainings ). You are required to bring an Introduction Letter from their respective Faculties, and a Photocopy I.D from the Institution.

4. The #hotelsexpo2018 Objective is also to provide that Platform, where the Unemployed or JOB SEEKERS come meet their potential employers (Thru Job Interviews/ on Job Trainings and to getting that dream JOB!). All is required of one is to bring his/ her C.V, 2 Passport Size Photos, a copy of the National I.D, AND a copy of relevant documents.

5. The #hotelsexpo2018 is bringing Free Beers, Free Hot Coffee, Free Soda AND ABOVE ALL, Come see Cindy, Sheeba, Irene Ntale, Fille, Akadope BAND Live. All you need to do is to BUY your Food Coupons @ 25,000/=. Its a FREE Entrance Event!

6. IN SUMMARY, the #hotelsexpo2018 is Showcasing Aircrafts, Lions, Tigers, Snakes. Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Tour & Travel Operators, Businesses and Service Providers, Foods & Drinks from different cultures and nations, Wine, Spirits, Beer Manufacturers & Distributors, Hospitality Interiors & Supplies, ETC, Etc including Internship opportunities, & Job Placements.

ONLINE REGISTRATION - Book your SPACE! download Registration FORMS INSTEAD!

Exhibit at the 2018 Expo; Thurs 6th - Sat 8th Sept - Hotel Africana, Kampala. On Wed 5th Sept, we have a Business Breakfast Meeting @ 9am. A Trade Only Expo. During the Breakfast meeting, you are given an opportunity to talk directly Hotel Owners/ Managers without any middle men involved. Making those offers like never before! And also, Hotel Owners, do speak business with Business owners, or Service providers. GET INVOLVED IN 2018.

Please Note:      Attend the Business Breakfast Meeting, get a FREE HD Decorder, a fully decorated Tent, Lunch for your 2 staffs daily Etc if you accept to register on MOMO PAY. Its all for FREE ! to be registered, and also BOOK your Exhibition Space using MOMO PAY ....


RICHARD WAMBEDE - Expo Manager - Uganda Hotels & Restaurants Expo
Tel: +256 782 386 152    Email: OR

JEAN BYAMUGISHA - Executive Director - Uganda Hotel Owners Association
Office Tel: +256 414 345 601    Email:

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09/06/2018 09:00 AM 09/08/2018 10:00 PM Africa/Kampala 6TH ANNUAL UGANDA INTERNATIONAL HOTELS & RESTAURANTS EXPO, 6 - 8 Sept 2018 @ Hotel Africana- Kampala, Uganda. FREE ENTRY Promoting Businesses, Domestic Tourism & the Hospitality Industry. Bridging that gap between service providers with the Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Businesses. Those with Products/ Services that Hotels can buy, come showcase them. Those in the hospitality industry and Tourism, come show us your services to the PUBLIC People's Space Hotel Africana, Kampala - Uganda: 6 - 8 September 2018, 9AM - 10PM DAILY. BUSINESS BREAKFAST MEETING FOR EXHIBITORS ON 5 September 2018, 9AM - NOON. THIS IS A FREE ENTRY EVENT Organised by the UGANDA HOTEL OWNERS ASSOCIATION E-mail: false MM/DD/YYYY




What to expect at the 6th Annual Uganda International Hotels & Restaurants Expo

Come Win Lots of Prizes, See, Taste, Eat, Buy, Have Fun, Shop, Learn, Network & meet Industry Players

- INTERACT with over 100 suppliers
- NETWORK with industry peers
- BE INSPIRED by top tour operators, hotel & restaurant owners, business owners
- LEARN about industry trends, technologies & strategies to grow your business
- UPDATE yourself on the latest trends & innovations with live demos

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